Malakai Montes. [Tweaked Melon]

Lucus Hancock. [Front 5-0 to fakie]

R.I.P. Graveside.

Lionel Deguzman. [Wahiawa elementary roof gap]

Lionel Deguzman. [Grom wall ride]

Tye dye.

LD. [Ollie to fakie at AMR]

LD. [180 switch nose grind at Mililani]

LD. [Backsmith the elephant]

LD. [5-0 Front shuve Wahiawa Insurance ledge]

Hand Planters.

Lucus Hancock. [Crail slide north shore]

Curren Caples. [Tuck knee north shore]

LD. [50-50 back 180 Mililani]

What Bonzai Rock used to look like. [Beautiful]

LD. [Nose pick Wahiawa]

Lucus Hancock. [Front feeble at the Cholos bowl]

Ian Mccaulley. [Front slide on Royal Palm]

Ian Mccaulley. [Tow assisted longboard sliding]

Ian Mccaulley. [Night missions]

Ian Mccaulley. [Sunset on Royal Palm]

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